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2017 - Best Film: Boston to Philly  (Motion Picture Association of Haiti in Boston)


2017 - Best Supporting Actor : Boston to Philly 

2019 - Betrayed- Best Screenplay (New York Screenplay Contest) 

2019 - Betrayed - Best Screenplay (Las Vegas Black Film Festival)

2022 - Full Sail University - BS Digital Cinematography

           (2022 Course Directors Award - Directing Online, Randy Baker)


Tai Birch. Actor, Director and Cinematographer. After 18 years, I left my career as a barber in 2013 to Pursue my dream as an actor and filmmaker. I heard God tell me I was going to have to leave the salon because I was being called to minister through film and it terrified me to no extreme. I read a quote once that said:
“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not 
big enough”

So once I finally stopped running, I answered the call and here I am, a successful award winning actor and award winning filmmaker. 

I grew up in a rough neighborhood in the city of Philadelphia. Although I didn't hang in the streets, I still had to walk through them and I thank God that the streets didn't raise me, but believe me, I learned some humbling lessons. One important lesson is that you don't have to be a product of you're environment. However, now I get to tell some amazing stories through the art of filmmaking.

Life is about choices, and you can either choose to remain stuck in your situation, or you can make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Through positive and optimistic thinking, and being led by Christ, I've tried to make the best out of what seemed to be the worse obstacles thrown at me. I could've given up years ago; But because I chose not to throw in the towel and remain prayerful and obedient as I possibly can to God, I have been blessed and privileged to enjoy the fruits of my labor. 
I came up with the concept of Mastermind Films because of a quiz that I took that pretty much hit close to home. It said: 
“You are a mastermind-- You are cautiously wise, extremely cleaver and discerning. You can learn fast, adapt and execute in an almost super humanly way. You tend to think in ways many people don't and you think outside the box from the time you were in your mothers womb.” 

God gave me a vision, well, he gave me several visions, of various films that I need to make and stories I have to tell. Some people give me ideas and I tend to see and think far beyond the expectations set for any goal. I don’t know how to think any other way but big. I love to expand my mind to reach far beyond limits that people only dream of and hopefully teach others how to expand their mind the same way and don’t limit themselves to a common way of thinking, especially when it comes to filmmaking. The amazing thing is, when I shared my vision, there are a few special individuals who believed in me and my vision and I'm very humble by their love and support: and of course there were some who struggled to believe what I was trying to accomplish could be done. So to those individuals that don’t believe, don’t worry, 
Philippians 4:13 says;
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

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